Segment Rim 14 inch

Product Code: DB14011

Box Quantity : 3 Pcs
Carton Quantity : 12 Pcs

  • Diamond Blade with Segment rim for cutting in different base materials.
  • Tool type : Table Saw, Gas Saw.
  • Base material :  Concrete, Masonry, Concrete Block, Brick.
  • Performance level : Premium

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  • Segment rim blade style – designed to deliver faster cutting speeds while maintaining a smooth cut.
  • Designed for universality on a wide range of materials, even under the toughest conditions.
  • Dense concentration of high-quality diamonds delivers much faster cutting speed.
  • Designed to outlast – with large, specially-bonded diamond segments.


  • Cutting, resizing and reshaping a wide range of mineral construction materials, especially concrete, masonry and concrete block.
  • For use with all Hometai hand-held diamond cutting tools including angle grinders,and electric cutters.

Technical Data

  • Tool type:Table Saw, Gas Saw
  • Performance level:Premium
  • Wet or dry operation:Wet and Dry
  • Diameter : 14 inch
  • Arbor Size : 1 inch
  • Tooth Thickness : 3.2 mm
  • Max Rpm : 5800
  • Number of segments : 23
  • Segment height:10 mm
  • Usable segment height:8 mm
  • Base material: Construction materials, Especially concrete, Masonry and Concrete block.


  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • Always wear approved gloves.
  • Always use table saws, gas saw, electric cutter with double-sided guard.


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