Professional Utility Knife

Product Code: PU0702

Box Quantity : 12 Pcs
Carton Quantity : 72 Pcs

  • Durable Zinc-alloy housing ,push-button blade change for added convenience.
  • Base materials: Cuts sheetrock, roofing materials, linoleum, carpet.
  • Integrated blade storage. Stores up to 5 blades in handle.
  • One handed opening Quick change.

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  • The HomeTai Folding Utility Knife features a rugged handle constructed from metal for exceptional durability. You can easily change blades without the need for tools with the rapid load change system.
  • The HomeTai Folding Utility Knife with Blade Storage has an integrated gut hook and wire stripper for increase. versatility. The metal body on the Folding Utility Knife Blade Storage provides durability and the onboard blade storage allows users to store 5 extra blades.
  • This HomeTai Folding Utility Knife is made for professionals who expects reliable knives to get the job done.
  • The HomeTai FoldingUtility Knife offers users the convenience of a folding knife and the functionality of a traditional utility knife. This utility knife has 3 folding angle functions, 90°, 135° and 180° providing users with a more convenient way of use.
  • The HomeTai Folding Utility Knife with Blade Storage features a press and flip mechanism for easy, one handed opening.


  • Designed to handle a range of materials, the blade is retractable so you can select the right cut depth for each task.
  • Base materials: Cuts sheetrock, roofing materials, linoleum, carpet, cardboard.

Technical data

  • Type : Pro Hand Tool
  • Overall Length : 7 inch (178 mm)
  • Housing Material : Zinc-alloy.
  • Handle Length : 4-7/8 inch (118 mm)


  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • Always wear approved gloves.
  • NOT insulated.
  • NOT intended for protection against electrical shock.


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