Metal Cutting Blade 7 inch Durable

Product Code: AB07006

Box Quantity : 15 Pcs
Carton Quantity : 120 Pcs

  • Ultimate abrasive thin cutting disc for faster cutting
  • Tool type: Chop Saw
  • Base material: Metal, Stainless Steel, Angle, Reinforced, Cast Iron
  • Performance level: Ultimate

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  • Metal cutting blade speed offering high productivity
  • Ideal for cutting stainless steel thanks to low burring and heat-reducing features
  • Contaminant-free
  • Special Performance disc with a harder bond for maximum performance and longest life


  • Cutting metal, Cast Iron , Reinforced

Technical Data

  • Tool type :Chop Saw
  • Performance level:Durable
  • Diameter : 10 inch
  • Arbor Size : 5/8 inch
  • Disclaimer :Use chop saw with double-sided guard
  • Blade thickness :2.5 mm
  • Max Rpm : 5800
  • Base material:Reinforced , Metal ,  Cast Iron, Iron Beams


  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • Always wear approved gloves
  • Always use chop saw  with double-sided guard


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